"The painting arrived yesterday and it's just as beautiful as I thought it would be!  Thank you!  I don't know how you managed it,
but the image appears delicate and strong at the same time.  Thanks, too, for the card and note.  Goodness, even the invoice is
beautiful.  You must really enjoy your work.  Thank you again" - Carol B, New Jersey (USA)

"The artwork arrived and they are beautiful" - Kathy J, New Hampshire (USA)

"I just saw the invitations for the first time - they are beautiful - thanks so much!!!!  I went to a paper store (an exclusive
boutique) - the woman saw your work and thought it was gorgeous." - Kristina G, Maryland (USA)

"This is among the most moving and stunning work of its genre I have ever seen.  It reminds me of the 17th-century Italian Jesuit
painter in China known as Lang Shih-Ning, in the way that it adds a touch of Western sensibility to a traditional Chinese medium" -
Daniel B, California (USA)

"It was a joy to view your work.  Your story is inspiring and your works fulfiling for the eye and soul.  Thank you for shaing so much
of yourself" - Antonnia L, New York (USA)

"You have a natural talent for watercolors and Chinese art.  Your paintings are beautiful and expressive" - May, Manitoba (Canada).

"I love your work.  Very inspired" - Cesar A, New York (USA)

"Love the site, love your work.  We must have some cards immediately" - Mark K, Minnesota (USA)

"I love your work" - Barbara J, California (USA)

"I love your work.  It's fantastic.  Will be ordering from you soon" - Wayne H, London (UK)

"Your works are beautiful" - Megan S, California (USA)

"Just stopping by to say how breathtaking your work is.  It's truly beautiful and you are very talented.  Best of lukck to you!" -
Maya, New York (USA)

"You are truly an amazing and gifted individual!  Your works of art are phenomenal." - Donna L, California (USA)

"These are beautiful.  Best of luck to you!" - Mary L, New York (USA)

"Your work is amazing.  Thank you for sharing it." - Christine R, Ontario (Canada).

"Fantastic!  I particularly enjoyed the landscapes - amazing and I'm lucky enough to own an original" - Drew T, Victoria (Australia).

"Your work is beautiful.  I have your "Shanghai Orchids" hanging over my mantel. It is exquisite!  Thank you!" - Amy S, California

Feedback from Workshop participants:

"All was great .. a treat ...  Karen is encouraging, fresh, terrific teacher!"

"Fun!  Helpful ... enriching...  Lots of tools and techniques to practice with and GROW!  Karen is a talented teacher and student."

"Very organized teaching method which helped us to create a few paintings"

"This class was so enjoyable.  I would take it over again.  Karen Mills is an excellent instructor making the entire class feel

"Wonderful.  Karen is very methodical and explains why as well as how to achieve the desired effects.  Very patient and

"Karen is fun and has a great personality.  Enjoyed her class very much"

"Wonderful experience - so much fun and learning and loved it!"

"Great class!  Very enjoyable and informational!  Karen is very supportive and encouraging.  She's very positive and has a great
outlook on individuality and artistic ability!"
"Excellent presentation"

"Excellent - one of the best classes I've attended - very good instructor"

"Great Great Great"

"Wonderful Instructor"

"Extremely enthusiastic.  Very attentive"

"Very nice personal attention and one-on-one direction.  Karen was eay to understand and enthusiastic.  A very fun class"

"Yes, very satisfied with the class.  I will sign up for her other classes"

"This was fun"

"Great class, personal attention, wonderful explanation, great flexibility to let personality and artistic talent show"

"Wonderful - a lot of fun and Karen was a good teacher - easy to follow and methodical"

"I've studied Chinese Brush painting - (many classes with other teachers) but this was more detailed and true to the real Chinese
Brush painting style - excellent!!"

"I truly enjoyed every moment.  Of course it's extra special when the teacher offers such special attention to students.  I really
appreciated the help."
2005 Karen
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